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Podcamp NYC: Change of plans


Just booked a flight to NYC for the weekend. 950 people have signed up. I have to see it. Here’s a picture in case you’re looking for me this weekend:

* Filed by Julien at 1:55 pm under travel

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9 Responses to “Podcamp NYC: Change of plans”

  1. Leesa Barnes Says:

    Save some kisses for me :) See you in a few hours in NYC.

  2. jason Says:

    i’m helping set up shop in the morning. hope to see you in the crowd…

  3. Jay Moonah Says:

    You were obviously very angry at whoever took that photo. Hope it all ended well.

    Seeya soon man!
    – J.

  4. Julien Says:

    I took it specifically for this post, right before I wrote it! Wtf! :)

  5. Whitney Says:

    SOOOO glad you’re going to be there!~ Want to present with Brogan in the afternoon on social currency?
    And the numbers are teetering towards 1200.

    My wiki fingers are exhausted.

  6. Eric Jean Says:

    It isn’t a passport photo, Julien. Smiling couldn’t hurt! ;)

    Miss you man. Enjoy New York!

  7. jason Says:

    I’m actually better off without you Julien, and doing so many interesting things!

    I need this…

  8. Rob McDougall Says:

    mad staring eyes :P

  9. aydin Says:

    Hey ! Mad Staring Eyes :D :D

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