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Damn, this thing is huge!

Just try and make this go away. I dare you.

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For a site that's basically the centre of our existence


… the iTunes Store sure is down a lot.

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4 Responses to “For a site that's basically the centre of our existence”

  1. vanou Says:

    especially on my day off!

  2. Ella Says:

    dude, what’s up with the font? it’s huge!!!

  3. Andrew Says:

    Yeah, I’ll pretend that you take the ethical high-ground and pay for music, too.

  4. Carl Mercier Says:

    When’s the last time you bought a CD? I don’t recall buying one in ages! These little babies are now obsolete I’m afraid.

    Oh yeah… actually, I bought one from Amazon about 3 months ago. I needed to add a 5$ item to get free shipping. Paying for shipping would’ve been around 7$. So I bought this nice Eric Clapton CD for about 6$. Free CD, and saved 1$ ;-)

    Btw, I never listened to the CD, I just ripped it into iTunes!

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