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March 7th, 2013

A New Chapter

Where to even begin?

So, I’ve been away a long time. A few people have noticed.

Most probably haven’t. That’s ok.

There were times a while back where I was blogging often. Others where I blogged only once a month.

Maybe it evens out. Because of some posts, the new visitors and subscribers keep coming in. Sometimes at a rate of thousands a day– not bad.

But that’s no reason to be lazy. I promise– I haven’t been.

In October, Chris and I published a second book together. It got 100 reviews on the first day– almost unprecedented. And my previous book Flinch has been in top Kindle books downloaded for over 18 months.

But since mid 2012, I’ve also been working on a company.

The name of that company is Breather.

I am co-founder and CEO.

Wow– I can’t believe I’m finally talking about this. Crazy.

The incredible founding team

The team we are starting with is truly amazing.

Our CTO, Alex Payne, is the one who most recently joined. He is a behemoth.

Alex built the API for one of the world’s biggest web services, Twitter. He was one of the first people there, in 2007, and helped Twitter become what it is today.

After that, he helped start a bank, Simple, that is now helping to change the way banking is done. Simple went on to raise $13M in funding and has had over 100,000 people on its waiting list, ready to use the service.

Alex said to me recently, “I knew I wanted to do this 10 minutes after you first told me about it.”

Caterina Rizzi has been around almost since the beginning. Without her it would probably still be a stupid idea in a single crazy person’s brain.

Cat is a powerhouse of a different sort. As you get to know her, you’ll see what I mean. She truly helps make a vision into a reality.

Together, the three of us are going to turn this crazy idea into an amazing, real thing.

Hey, that’s great, Julien but what the @#$%is it???

Well, at some point soon, we’ll talk about that. It shouldn’t be much longer. :)

With the starting team complete, though, we did feel it was time to announce something, so that is what you’re looking at. Feels good.

If you really feel you can’t wait, SXSW is about to start, and some people do know. Feel free to ask around– I’m sure you’ll learn a thing or two. :)

In the meantime, stay tuned. And if you’re looking for a new challenge, get in touch. Maybe this is it.

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