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attention podsafe musicians! (or: id3 for dummies)


dear artists, you know i love you dearly. i play you on my show, i play you on my ipod, i play you at parties and to friends. i care about you.

and i know you have a difficult job. you’re creative, and the man is trying to suck the juice out of you to make some money for themselves. i follow you on that, he’s trying to do the same to me.

and don’t get me wrong! i know you’re not all technologically adept. it’s hard to remember which plug is firewire and which is usb. it’s all good. there’s a learning curve, i know. but please, guys. start using id3 tags properly. here’s how:

  1. download iTunes. unless you’re on linux. (and if you are, you don’t need this).
  2. install it. this varies depending on what kind of computer you have. don’t worry, you can do it. i believe in you.
  3. launch the app and agree to whatever draconian bullshit apple wants you to.
  4. click and drag your song into iTunes.
  5. the song will appear. it may start playing. marvel at the simplicity.
  6. look at your song. (note: it might not even have the name of it there, it might just say ‘song’. i assure you, it is still your song.)
  7. press Ctrl+I (or on a Mac, Cmd+I).
  8. click on ‘info’.
  9. fill in fields such as ‘name’, ‘artist’, and ‘album’.
  10. ‘genre’ would be nice too.
  11. click here and select ‘subscribe’. (optional but appreciated! :))
  12. the podosphere thanks you! you’re done.

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2 Responses to “attention podsafe musicians! (or: id3 for dummies)”

  1. [insert clever name] Says:

    This is actually even easier to do in a recent version of Winamp (still my favorite media player, for all things non-podcast and is much less of a hardwear whore than iTunes).
    1- Right click (option + click on Mac) on the track name
    2- Select the “view file info” option. This launches a nifty ID3 (AND ID2!) tag editor. (Psst, it also works on Linux).
    3- You can now update all track info… even add a URL, year, track offset etc etc. This is what I use for tagging my podcasts.
    4- This might not seem important, but these tag edits can be done WHILE the track is playing. If you have ever developped an application of any kind, you can appreciate this.
    I’m gonna stop typing now.

  2. mhp Says:

    you dirty little whore – i love how you slipped step 11 in there, if someone _needs_ to follow your instructions they are so going to do it :)

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