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  • Lessons I Learned Reading Over 200 Books

    I recently realized that I’d been reading a book every week now for about 5 years straight. It kind of made me wonder: what did I really learn? Am I smarter than I used to be? I started to wonder, and this is what happened. 140 characters per book, for 200 books… 200 things you […]

  • Popular blogs, Amazon reviews, and cults of personality

    Watching big-time bloggers put out books really is something else. Case in point: yesterday, Mark Sisson, a huge paleo blogger, released a book called the 21-Day Total Body Transformation. Naturally, he was trying to hit the New York Times bestseller list, and offering bonuses for buying multiple books, etc, as many people have before. The […]

  • Build your own classroom with these 23 books

    This post endeavours to help you learn more quickly– about any subject. If you just want to see the list, see below, but before we start, try this thought experiment. Let’s assume that you would be automatically successful at any project you took part in. You could make a startup into a billion-dollar company, become […]

  • How to Lose 20+ lbs in January 2011

    This is probably the only diet post you will ever need. Over the past year, I have helped many friends, both in person and on the internet, quietly lose a lot of weight, probably in the realm of several hundred pounds total, sometimes even in 30 days. It’s not something I’m known for online, but it […]

  • How To Lose Weight, Quit Coffee, and Stop Wearing Glasses (Part 2)

    Part 2 of an interview with Todd Becker, of Getting Stronger. Don’t know what this is? Read Part 1 here. (Hint: It’s awesome.) Julien: Todd, welcome back! Since the last section of the interview we published, I’ve gotten comments from Twitter and on the blog where people have said “I’ve been doing exercises for a […]

  • 30 Days of Home Cookin’

    You may not have had the pleasure yet, but trust me: Cooking for friends is actually pretty great. I did it yesterday while I had some friends over to roll some dice and, man, was it different than ordering pizza. I also put down some charcuteries out on the table and we devoured that stuff. […]

  • Your happiness is not your own

    So I took the advice of this book last week and made a To-Stop-Doing list. The idea is to notice what activities are sucking your energy, wasting your time, and making you feel horrible– the opposite of a to-do list. Anyway, social media activities, in their various forms, made the top 5. Interesting right? Blogging I […]

  • I don’t wanna… I’m not used to it

    This really got me thinking. I was telling an acquaintance of mine who wanted to lose weight about how a bunch of us had made a lifestyle change, eating paleo and working out using Crossfit and MovNat principles. They were interested in it but their response struck me as odd. I realized that I’ve heard […]

  • Cultural Transparency ÷ Risk = Upward Mobility

    These are just notes. Some of the links may be incomplete but the basis, I think, is strong. Theory: The more you can find out about your culture, the more you’re capable of moving upward. This is buffered by risk, which prevents people from acting based on potential repercussions. Huge mouthful, I know. Let’s break […]

  • How to get paid for what you do for free

    Bartenders make $500 a night in tips. Baristas make $20. Their drinks are equally complex. They serve similar numbers of clients. They perform the same job, but during different hours and in different settings. Why do bartenders make so much more? It isn’t performance. Some bartenders are sloppy, and some baristas are excellent, but their compensation […]